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'Magellan - In The Know', is our monthly investment podcast, dropping on the last Tuesday of every month. Since inception in August 2020, we've been bringing you timely, thought-provoking insights to help you navigate today’s investment landscape. From deep dives into the latest macroeconomic and geopolitical issues, to our analysis on sectors and stocks in global markets. Join Magellan as we engage with industry experts, CEOs, and our investment team, offering deep analyses on macroeconomic trends, geopolitical issues, global markets, and more.

‘In The Know’ - a monthly podcast from Magellan that's worth investing your time in!



25 June 2024 - Episode 47: Lessons learnt from investing in essential services

Magellan Infrastructure Portfolio Manager, Jowell Amores speaks with WEC Energy Group Chairman, Gale Klappa and Jim Paetsch, Vice President of Milwaukee 7. (Download Transcript)

28 May 2024 - Episode 46: Lessons learnt from investing in essential services

Magellan Infrastructure Portfolio Managers, Gerald Stack, Ben McVicar and Ofer Karliner discuss what they look for in attractive assets and their experiences over a combined 60 years of investing.  (Download Transcript)

30 April 2024 - Episode 45: Decoding the Magnificent Seven: Profitability, fundamentals, and the future

Key Account Manager Martin Van Eyk explores the landscape surrounding the Magnificent 7 with Portfolio Manager Alan Pullen (Download Transcript)

26 March 2024 - Episode 44: Mastering the world of payments

Magellan’s Portfolio Manager of Core Global and Core ESG, Elisa Di Marco, is joined by Mastercard’s Head of Investor Relations, Devin Corr (Download Transcript)

27 February 2024 - Episode 43: Chipping away at the semiconductor market

Global Equities and Portfolio Manager Arvid Streimann discusses the semiconductor chip ecosystem with Investment Analysts Adrian Lu and Dom Facchin (Download Transcript)

30 January 2024 - Episode 42: Green Horizons: Discover the innovative sustainability strategies of Nestlé and Lowe's

Episode 35 and 37 Highlights with Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs, Rob Cameron and Lowes Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, Chris Cassell (Download Transcript)

20 December 2023 - Special Bonus Episode: Insights from the US: An update on the Impacts of GLP-1 on healthcare systems

Nikki Thomas and Wilson Nghe provide an update to our recent podcast on the popular weight loss drug Glucagon-like peptide 1 — or GLP-1 (Download Transcript)

19 December 2023 - Episode 41: Pipelines to prosperity: the dependability of infrastructure investment

Episode 32 and 38 Highlights with American Water’s President and CEO, Susan Hardwick and Sempra Chairman and CEO Jeff Martin (Download Transcript)

28 November 2023 - Episode 40: The weight loss drug shaping up as a gamechanger

In conversation with Magellan's Investment Team (Download Transcript)

31 October 2023 - Episode 39: How should investors think about Israel and decision making?

In conversation with Michael Morell, Former United States Acting Director of the CIA (Download Transcript)

27 September 2023 - Episode 38: Energising the Future: Sempra's Innovative Infrastructure Journey.

In conversation with Sempra chairman and CEO Jeff Martin (Download Transcript)

29 August 2023 - Episode 37: Cultivating change – Nestlé’s leading approach on sustainability and creating shared value.

In conversation with Rob Cameron, Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs (Download Transcript)

25 July 2023 - Episode 36: Behind the screens - The evolution of streaming services and the investment case for Netflix

In conversation with Magellan's Portfolio Managers (Download Transcript)

27 June 2023 - Episode 35: Building the future - drilling into sustainability at Lowe’s

In conversation with Chris Cassell, Lowe's Vice President of Corporate Sustainability (Download Transcript)


30 May 2023 - Episode 34: Beyond the sheets: Dissecting the downfall of a US retail giant

A case study on the Bed, Bath and Beyond (Download Transcript)


26 April 2023 - Episode 33: Consumer deep dive — how best to weather the storm

In conversation with analysts from Magellan's investment team (Download Transcript)


28 March 2023 - Episode 32: American Water — a pipeline to dependable returns

In conversation with Susan Hardwick, American Water President and CEO. (Download Transcript)


28 February 2023 - Episode 31: Cyber security - the new world order

In conversation with Suzette Kent, former US Federal Chief Information Officer and global business transformation executive. (Download Transcript)


31 January 2023 - Episode 30: 2023 – The investment year ahead 

In conversation with Magellan's Global Portfolio Managers, Nikki Thomas and Arvid Streimann (Download Transcript)


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